Get green mark certification for your business

Get green mark certification for your business

TheĀ green mark certification is a green structure rating framework intended to assess a structure’s ecological effect and execution. It gives a far-reaching structure to surveying the generally ecological presentation of new and existing structures to advance economical design and best practices in construction and structure tasks. Designer, building proprietors, and government organizations for new and existing structures, areas, parks, foundations, and building interiors.

How Do You Apply?

To apply for Green Mark confirmation, you should be a structure proprietor, engineer, or government specialist. It would help if you initially gathered each of the necessary archives before making your application online through the BCA’s site. When your application is endorsed, the BCA will brief your group on every one of the models before the authority evaluation. The BCA will audit your structural improvement and rate it whenever everything is presented, given the Green Mark rules.

When your structure is finished, they will then, at that point, check that all measures have been met, and you will be granted an authority Green Mark Certificate. This willful plan assesses structures for their natural effect and execution through a far-reaching system that evaluates the generally ecological presentation of new and existing structures in regions like energy productivity.


The plan additionally perceives the job of building clients’ decreasing energy utilization. For example, BCA Green Mark plots are explicitly for offices, retail outlets, eateries, and grocery stores. These plans urge organizations to plan and work in their inside spaces to be more asset productive in their everyday activities and upgrade the prosperity of tenants.

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